Soups & Greens

Our Homemade Dressings:: Greek, Balsamic, Italian, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Zesty Italian,

Other: Honey Mustard, Creamy Italian, French, Light Ranch, Blue Cheese, Creamy Garlic

Add Ons: Grilled or blackened chicken: 5 | Salmon 8.95 | Ahi Tuna $MRKT | Extra Dressing: 0.75

Land & Sea
Side Orders
Specialty Red Pies
Specialty White Pies

Add any item to a calzone: 1.50

Grinders & Bowls

All made to order using fresh Italian bread or ditch the bread and make it a bowl!

Selected high quality meats, cheeses & vegetables and 100% virgin olive oil

Extra Meat: .50/1.00 | Extra Cheese: .50/1.00 | Tomatoes: 50/1.00 | Jalapeños: 50/1.00 | Banana Peppers: 50/1.00 | Fresh Bell Peppers: 50/1.00 | Pickles: 50/1.00 | Tarter Sauce: 0.75

Extra Meat: sm. 1.00 | lg. 2.00
Extra Veggies: sm. .50 | lg. 1.00
onions, peppers, etc

Specialty Sandwiches & Charbroiled Burgers

Served with French fries or pasta salad and house made coleslaw

Your choice of white, wheat, brioche bun or kaiser roll

Add Ons: Bacon: 1.50 | Pickles: 0.75 | Mushrooms: 0.75 | Onions: 0.75 | Cheese: 1.50


* If this item is served raw or partially cooked, it can increase your risk of illness. Consumers who are especially vulnerable to foodbourne illness should only east seafood and other food from animals thoroughly cooked.

Please tell your server of any food allergies before ordering.

All prices subject to change without notice